We are slowly, but surely, getting our acts back together in the real world. Brian and I are both seeing home health patients, with us even being able to see a couple of the same pt’s, which is super fun (me, for OT and him for PT). Plus Brian is working on opening his own practice which will be absolutely amazing…his dream for many years now. We’ve also started to exercise again which has been a little rough. One would think that walking 25 miles, with elevation, would at least slightly correlate to running 5 miles, but I’m telling you, it does NOT! Before we left, I was consistently running 8-10 miles, 3 or 4 times a week with no problem. But Brian and I have tried to run just 5 miles a couple times now and it’s brutal! Our joints and feet are protesting, and our muscles are sore for days after. This must get better after a few more times of trying, right? 😳 Mikey, the dog, is loving all the walks we are giving him, though. At least those don’t hurt as much! We’ve also tried some yoga because we really didn’t do a good job of stretching while on the trail. When we got into camp, we really just wanted to eat and lie down as quickly as possible. So we are definitely paying for that decision now, with super tight muscles that are in desperate need of some attention!

Mantis and Pants came to visit last week! It was so great to see them, reminisce about the trail, and find out how the last 2 weeks of their journey was. We had told them about Brian’s “famous” homemade jalapeño margaritas for months, so it was fun to finally share those as well.

We have finally finished a couple more video compilations we had wanted to put together. The first one is with all of our trail friends, as well as trail angels who we saw along the way. We couldn’t have finished this adventure without every single one of them. The support from our friends on the trail, as well as the amazing support from trail angels off the trail. A HUGE thank you to each and every one of you! ♥️

From the very beginning of our journey, I knew I wanted to put together a video showing a picture of the trail each day. It was really hard to pick just ONE! We covered so many miles each day that we found we had a picture of the trail in snow, then rock, then overgrown greenery, almost every day. So we ended up with 172 trail pix even though we only had 141 hiking days. Man, these really make me miss the trail like crazy!

We still have one more video to put together…I want to grab clips from all of the videos we took and put them together in one video, to music. So stay tuned, and thanks for checking in! Amy