Apparently you can take the people off the trail, but you can’t take the trail out of the people. We think about our adventure every day…I literally have a dream about it every night. I knew this would happen. I definitely tried to appreciate every moment we were out there because I knew I would miss it. But those last couple weeks on the trail were rough and, at the time, all I wanted was to be home with the kids. Now that we have that, I find my mind drifting back to our journey together and all I remember are the great times. Seeing beautiful sights, conquering big climbs, being with our trail friends, spending every moment together, making unforgettable memories. I can honestly say that if we had all the money in the world, I would want to attempt the CDT (Continental Divide Trail from New Mexico to Canada). While we were on the trail, I never thought I’d say that in a million years, that’s for sure! Just like childbirth, we tend to forget the rough patches and are only left with everlasting, spectacular memories.

We do have a few pieces of exciting news, though! Brian has found a great spot for his Physical Therapy clinic, including a super cool name and logo thanks to our brother in law, Fred, who designed it.

He hopes to have the doors open on February 1st! Another fun thing that happened is that Turtle and Gnome (and their daughter, Cricket) came to town for a quick lunch last week. It was so fun catching up with them and hearing about how their trail journey came to a close.

Three more things…one, Adventure Sports Podcast interviewed us after we got home to find out about how hiking the PCT was different this year during a pandemic. I had listened to them quite a bit on the trail and really liked how they interviewed guests. So I definitely felt honored that they wanted to hear from “little old us” when they have spoken with people who have climbed Mt Whitney as well as other super gnarly stuff! They will let us know when it’s edited and on the site, so we will let you all know when that happens. Two, we put together another compilation video, but this time it’s with a bunch of actual video clips. I have to warn you that it’s 27 minutes long, so don’t feel like you need to watch it. We really put it together for our own personal enjoyment, but thought that some of you may be interested as well. Enjoy!!

Lastly, Maddie and our sister in law, Erica, surprised us on Halloween by dressing up as Link and DoubleDown! It was seriously sooo good, right down to Link’s calves and DoubleDown’s PopTart belt and “filtered water” in a Vodka bottle.

Can you tell which calf is actually Brian’s? 😂

Well that’s about all that’s going on with us here. We hope this finds you all healthy and happy! Until next time…stay safe! Amy