We decided that having double zeros in Dunsmuir was just what our bodies needed! We spent part of the time doing necessary chores (grocery shopping, laundry, and resupply), part of the time eating our way through this little town, and most of the time just relaxing on our King size bed!

Breakfast burrito paninis and coffee out on the garden patio

It wasn’t hard to walk the entire downtown area (about 5 blocks) to make sure we were aware of all the food choices. Our favorites being the pizza/Italian place, and the chocolate soft serve at the burger place.

This tree…♥️
They have a community garden!

We got all the chores out of the way on the first zero day. This Dollar General store had tons of great stuff! Unfortunately, the motel, and this entire town, has no laundry facilities so we had to do it in the tub. Apparently this worked fine by looking at the color of the water…NASTY! Didn’t we just do laundry 4 days ago??

We spent a lot of time watching the championship AVP tournament while lying in bed. With Maddie’s beach Vb season cut short this last spring, we had really missed watching this sport. How perfect that we were able to catch a lot of the live games (on our phone, but better than nothing!). Then on the 2nd zero day, Mantis & Pants were here!! They did some big night time miles to make it here and we got to have breakfast together which was so fun!

The Band is back together!

Looking ahead, one of our resupply places won’t be open this year (the Big Lake Youth Camp) in OR. So now we will need to send our package to Bend which is great because I’ve always wanted to see this city, but difficult because it’s 45 miles from the trail. We have feelers out to possible trail angels but have been hitting a dead end. If any of you know anyone in that area or know of any possible transportation we could use, please send us a comment. We are so appreciative of any info!!

As lovely as having a couple days off was, Link and I are feeling antsy to get back to the trail. We are so close to Oregon now, we can taste it and so excited to see what’s next!! Thanks again for joining us on this crazy journey! Double Down