Miles “0”

Elevation: sitting around

The past four days have been a welcome change for Double Down and I as we took some time off the trail and spent it relaxing with family.  Being able to stay at Joanne and Rich’s place has been SUPER SPECIAL.  Our kids drove up and met us, allowing us some much needed time with them before we continue on our trek towards Canada.  Our days have been spent sitting around, playing cards, games, and pool while filling our belies with good food and drinks.  We both know it will be the last time we get to be together as a whole family until we finish this trail sometime in September (fingers crossed).  We have learned to especially cherish these times with them as it doesn’t happen enough for us (as I am sure all parents completely understand).

When we weren’t playing games, laughing or eating, we did get a few town chores done that needed some of our attention.  Obviously getting laundry done was a priority.  I think even our clothes jumped out of the packs on their and own and ran for the washing machine…LOL.  Also, we cleaned some gear which even included giving our quilt a wash.  We figured after three years and 50 days on the PCT it might be good idea.  Wow the loft on the bag really improved after that, but it definitely wasn’t the quickest process.  We resupplied all of our food and packed our bear cans for the next 7 day stretch coming up.




The one item that needed some attention was our Exped air mattress.  If you have been following, you probably remember that we got a small pin hole in the pad but we were successfully able to patch and repair.  This past week we had one of the baffles on the inside “pop” when I sat up.  Both Double Down and I were worried that the whole pad had ruptured but it was still holding air, it just looked like the pad now had a tumor.  So while in Mammoth I contacted Exped.  Wow what AMAZING customer service.  They understand our predicament and the urgency to get the pad fixed so it didn’t pop on us.  They determined the pad had some defects and quickly shipped us a replacement at no charge.  We got it yesterday with a new pump bag as well, meaning Double Down won’t struggle with blowing up the mattress anymore since the old one had a defect.  We absolutely love our Exped mattress and with this type of customer service we will be a loyal customer for years to come.  I highly recommend them if you are in the market for any backcountry items.

Today we have friends coming up to join us on the trail tomorrow (Joanne, Traci, Matt and Craig).  We are excited to spend the day with them on the trail and share some stories.  This will be Matt’s second time with us so I guess he is unofficially section hiking the PCT without even knowing it.

Our next posts will be delayed again….I know, we are sorry about that!!  We just won’t have cell service so it may not be until we get to Kennedy Meadows Pack Station (North) before we can post any more blogs.  So please take care and be safe.  Link