Miles 0

Elevation: lying down to standing up

Today we are not putting any miles on our bodies and our feet are very happy about that. Double Down and I are very excited to get into the Sierra but also know that our bodies need rest at times. Plus today we have to pick up bear canisters to carry our food in. These are required through our next section. It adds an additional 3 pounds to our packs but is necessary to protect bears from getting habituated to people. We are also picking up our ice axes and micro spikes which we had shipped here knowing that snow is definitely on the horizon.

So today will be filled with chores but we will focus on being off our feet to rest while we also fill our bellies. We are also waiting on our friend Matt who is coming to join us for a day/night on the trail. It will be fun to have him along and get to see his reaction to being out on the PCT.

While in the Sierra we will not have cell service so posts will be very delayed getting to you. When we have service we definitely will get all of the posts up as quick as possible.

Our Class Bandana

Here is a quick recap of the first 702.2 miles:

Elevation gain: 120,048 ft (22.7 miles)

Elevation loss: 116,822 ft (22 miles)

Snakes: 3 rattle snakes (which is crazy since someone saw 14 in the first 100 miles) and 10+ garter and gopher snakes

Days sleeping on the snow 4

Days hiking in the rain 3

Trail angels (friends and family fall into this category) who have helped us 12

Zero Days 24

Resupplies 9

We hope you all are staying safe and get to do something fun on Memorial Day. Link