Day 113 mile 2065.1 – 2088.5

Elevation: ascent 3,064 ft, descent 2,032 ft

Camping in the dense forest really limited our light when waking up this morning, not that it’s super light at 5:30 these days. What really surprised us was how many of the “weekend” backpackers were up. Normally they are the ones sleeping in while we try to be quiet getting out of camp. This morning it seemed like everyone was up trying to get an early start. Even Gnome and Turtle were out of there tent before we left camp at 6:40.

Once across Warm Creek we were heading up hill through a dense forest. Well most of the day actually was in a dense forest. Double Down and I got to see every shade of green imaginable while hiking today and very little blue. We did find some good cell coverage on the way up so we stopped had breakfast and caught up with the world. Quite of few of the backpackers from camp passed by while we were there but most were only going about 8-10 miles so we will surely see them later.


Our first view of the day came when we crossed an open area for power lines. These areas are obviously cleared out to provide the electrical companies an ability to put up the huge towers transporting energy across the state without worrying about trees falling on them.

First view of the day

What was super frustrating for me today was not being able to hike at a pace that I have gotten used to, due to my shin pain. This was especially true with the trail was flat and smooth, for a majority of the day. Our first water of the day was about 7 miles from camp so we stopped at Oak Grove Fork to fill up our bottles with nice cold water. I even took the opportunity to fill one of the bladders and used it to ice down my shin. After that it was a short 2 miles to Timothy Lake. Funny thing is that the lakes here in Oregon are so different from what we are used to in California. The trees literally go right down to the waters edge. So with the trail being about 100 yards from the water it was hard to get a good glimpse of the lake. So we found a short trail which took us right down to the water and we sat there enjoying lunch. Gnome and Turtle caught up to us and joined us at this great spot as well. They are a blast as I have said, so it’s always fun to hang out with them.

Icing my shin
Timothy Lake
Lunch spot

After lunch we continued to follow the edge of Timothy Lake for a while. When we reached the end of the lake we ran into an older couple out for a walk. As we passed by the gentleman asked us how far the trail went. Without skipping a beat Double Down tells him “all the way to Mexico if you want”. The look on their faces was priceless. Double Down then gave them the information that I think they were really looking for, as she told them the trail would take them along Timothy Lake. Double Down got the response of “we walked around a lake last week so we don’t need to do that today” 😳. We couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t want to see this lake!! So with that we said goodbye and moved on.

The rest of the afternoon we spent in our little green tunnel. This tunnel lasted so much of the day that neither Double Down or I used our sunglasses at all. I think this was the first time that’s ever happened since we started this trip in March.This tunnel lasted so much that neither double down or I used our sunglasses all day long. I think this was the first time that’s ever happened since we started this trip in March.That is until we were treated to an amazing view of Mt Hood. This came out of no where and definitely caused our jaws to drop. We should be getting a lot closer to Mt Hood tomorrow which I know I am looking forward to.

Mt Hood

We were planning on dry camping so we filled up with water at a spring. When we walked up Jade (hiker we met way back at Burney Falls) and another hiker were just sitting there chatting. I asked where the water was and they told me they had searched the area but couldn’t find it. All you had to do was listen as it was flowing only 50 feet away. Go figure!! What was even more strange is they stood up and left to continue hiking without getting water. Why did you search for the water then, was our thought. Oh well to each their own. Now we had about 5 more miles to camp and I was actually feeling pretty good. That is what got me into trouble. I was leading when we got to a short downhill section. Well I took one step too fast and felt a sharp pain like someone had shot a nail into my shin. I now was seeing red from the pain and frustration that was coursing through my body. It is super frustrating as walking really shouldn’t be so hard. Double Down did what she always does and got me calmed down and thinking about how to address the problem versus just being pissed off! After a little bit the pain subsided as I was able to hike on to camp. It definitely helped that the trail was mostly uphill.

We got to a flat spot right along the trail at 6:40 and decided to call it home for the night. It’s funny how normally we would never think about camping right next to the trail but with this trip we have no qualms about it. We sat next to the trail eating dinner saying hi to other hikers passing by and working on multiple plans for the next few days until we get to Cascade Locks, our next town stop. Hopefully with Aleve and more treatment tonight my leg will rebound enough to allow me to continue hiking until I can take some rest in 2 1/2 days.

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