Day 100!! Mile 1773.5 – mile 1799.3

Elevation gain: 3,995 ft

Elevation loss: 2,345 ft

Today is our 100th day on trail!!

Before lunch I was really starting to worry that we were about to have ANOTHER day mainly in the green tunnel with no views.

This definitely made the temps more comfortable to walk in, but we found the boredom really setting in. It’s funny, on a day hike I would think the trees all around me were absolutely lovely. But when it’s day after day like this, it literally starts feeling like they’re just oppressive and trying to smother me. We really wanted Oregon to show us something spectacular, something amazing, to help us celebrate our 100th day on trail. We were beginning to think that Southern Oregon just wasn’t what we had expected. Honestly, we were looking forward to Oregon for so long that I don’t think it would’ve even been possible for it to live up to our high expectations. But then after lunch greatness appeared…

Let me back up first…we were hiking by 6:45 again this morning and I was surprised that my body didn’t feel awful after yesterday’s big miles. We leap frogged with a bunch of hikers today which was fun. High Stakes, as well as a threesome who are southbound section hikers, but had to flip north because of all the snow in WA. They said that just 3 wks ago, WA was impassible…yikes! I hope a lot of snow melts before we get there in just a few weeks. We stopped to have breakfast, they would pass us. Then they would stop for a snack, or High Stakes would stop for a smoke, and we would pass them.

We went back and forth like this many times until we all met up at Christi’s Spring 11 miles into the day (our first water source!). It was like a regular PCT party which doesn’t seem to happen very often this year, that’s for sure!

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it was cold and tasted great! After the spring, we were treated to a few really pretty views…things were starting to look up! The puffy white clouds and super blue sky made the views even more stunning!

The Spanish moss in many of the trees make it look like the trees are in serious need of a haircut, kind of like Link!

Oregon was really starting to get our attention right before we stopped for lunch, about 18 miles into the day. After refueling, chatting with the kids and uploading some pix because we had glorious, fast cell service, Oregon brought out the big guns. Ridge walking, sweeping views, cool rock formations…all with clear blue skies and puffy clouds.

Just as we were “ooo-ing“ and “ahh-ing” I stopped in my tracks and gasped. Oregon decided that we should celebrate properly with a bunch of Pasqueflowers!! ♥️♥️

I’m not really sure what my deal is with these flowers, but there were finally a bunch of them and I couldn’t stop smiling…or petting them 😁

We only saw one new wildflower today, but we also saw the biggest toad we have come across this trip. He was right in the trail as I walked up, he saw me, peed on the trail, and then promptly hopped into the brush. Also, a huge fungi that looked to have some type of jelly on it…?


We needed to get to the next water source before we camped for the night, but it was taking us a while since we wanted to stop and take so many pictures. We did make it to the stream at 6:30 and have amazing views from our campsite. Since we arrived, there has been a big-eared, wide-eyed doe staring us down. She would walk around the campsite to the south, then check us out. Then to the north and check us out again. I’m assuming she wants me to pee, and who am I to deprive her of the nutrients she obviously needs. So I obliged, and went at least 75 feet from our camp so that she will keep her distance. Normally I try to go in some greenery so it doesn’t splash up so much (sorry if this is TMI 😜), but I went in the dirt to make it easier for her to eat. The things I do for these beautiful animals 😂

Water, views, AND a stunning sunset…what else could we ask for on this 100th day?! Thanks, Oregon, for pulling out all the stops today when we were needing it the most. And thanks to all of you for following right along with us! Double Down

PS…I can hear the doe now…hopefully she got what she was looking for!