After arriving in Sacramento we got to spend 3 days visiting with my parents (my mom and stepdad) and even see my siblings for a little bit. Our daughter Maddie also took time to travel up to hang out with us as well. The past few days have been filled with eating, gear repair, eating, sewing projects, eating, shopping and eating. This will be the last time we get to visit and see family in person until we are done with our trip. So we are cherishing these moments. We would have loved to have Max here as well, but it didn’t work out logistically. We tried to make up for it with some FaceTiming though!

Double Down and Maddie measuring out chicken for resupplies.
Maddie, Double Down, Nonnie
Lots of sewing projects
Our sewing expert…Thank You!
This took up WAY too much of Nonnie’s time, but Double Down’s sleep pants will be sooo much more comfortable!
Family Time

We are almost done with the Sierra as we head into Northern California. Both Double Down and I are excited for what lies ahead as it is an area we have not seen before.

We can not tell you how supported we both feel with the numerous comments and “likes” on our posts. All of them continue to motivate us on this adventure so THANK YOU to all of you who follow along!

Here are some stats on our trip so far:

Miles – 1092.3

Elevation gain total – 193,899 ft (36.7 miles)

Elevation loss total – 189,255 ft (35.7 miles)

Zeros total – 32

Trail Angels (family and friends fall into this category) who have helped us – 19

Resupplies – 14

Bears – 1

We hope you continue to follow along and we will be getting posts out to you as quickly as we can, but most will be delayed. Link