Day 48 zero PCT miles 8 miles to Onion Valley

Elevation: ascent 1,020 ft, descent 2,573 ft

Today we are not moving north on the PCT at all as we exited off last night heading towards Independence for a zero and resupply. We only had about 8 miles to get to the Onion Valley campground where we had planned to get picked.

The first part of the morning had us climbing the last 1,020 ft to Kearsarge Pass. The whole Kearsarge area is one that both Double Down and I have talked about exploring but just have never gotten the chance. The scenery lived up to everything that we had heard about this area. The nine mile hike out from the PCT on this trail was definitely worth it. The trail continues to be snow free below 11,000 feet for the most part and we will not complain about that 🤣.

When we reached the top we found the last bit of snow hanging around the summit. The descent down towards Onion Valley Campground was picturesque!! We passed by so many beautiful lakes and the patchy snow hanging around on the surrounding cliffs made for great picture taking.

We got to the campground at 12:15. We had made arrangements to stay at the Independence Inn and the owner had even promised to come pick us up. Jim arrived at 12:40 and we were then shuttled to the Inn.

It was great to get a shower, do some laundry (definitely needed that 😂) and grabbed some large sandwiches from Port of Subs. Mantis and Pants are also staying in Independence and so we grabbed a bottle of wine from the local gas station and had some drinks getting to know each other better as the sunset.

Both of us are planning on returning to the trail after a zero day tomorrow so we may team up with them for the start of the next leg. Pants is a mountain guide in Europe so it would be fun to pick his brain and learn some new skills from him. In the meantime Double Down and I will enjoy a day off just relaxing.

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