Day 36 mile 587.3 – 612

Elevation; ascent 4,684 ft, descent 3,378 ft

The sun is rising earlier these days which means we are being awoken by sunlight even early. Our tent has been working great but definitely doesn’t do much in the blocking out light category 🤣. We were up at 5:30 but didn’t make a move to get up until 6:00. The sky was pretty this morning as there were large puffy clouds being illuminated by the rising sun. However, this didn’t last long as the clouds took over the sky and what was a colorful morning sky turned dark and grey. We knew there was a 40% chance for rain so before we even left camp duck covers went on our packs just in case.

The morning was spent mostly climbing which had us ascending into the clouds. Our views were pretty limited this morning, due to the clouds. I was actually thinking that if it kept up I wasn’t going to be taking a lot of pictures today. At about 9:00 Double Down was getting her blog post published just as it started to rain. It was light at first and we questioned whether or not we would need rain jackets. We opted to dig them out of our packs and just as we did it started to pour. With the wind blowing strong today as well we got cold really quick just standing there. So it was time to get back hiking to try and warm up.

We found ourselves climbing up into a forest which still had a lot of flowers and tall green grass which was neat to watch blow in the wind. The grass however, drenched us from the knees down. The trail was so overgrown by the grasses that we got soaked from all of the water that had collected on the plants (which now was collecting in our shoes).

There were lots of great places today that we passed by which would have been nice to stop and rest or eat, but with the rain it just wasn’t going to happen. We had a quick 20 minute lunch when we got a break in the rain but the cold kept our break pretty short.

Right after lunch we hit the 600 mile mark of the trail. Can’t believe we have logged that many miles. It also means that we have less than 100 miles to go in what is considered the desert section of the PCT. WOOHOO The one thing that the cold cloudy weather helped us with was the long stretch between water sources. When we left camp this morning we had about 14.5 miles of trail without water. With the cooler temps we didn’t have to carry as much water during this stretch and let me tell you our shoulders and hips were happy about that.

We got to Robin Spring around 1:00 but realized that instead of taking the side trail and adding mileage to the day we could make it another 3 miles to a stream that was reported as flowing. Now we had to start to figure out where we would like to camp tonight. We had three options: one was in 3 miles the next was in 8 and the third option was to continue for another 12 miles. We somehow talked ourselves into option three which was going to make today much longer than anticipated. Part of the reason is that someone said there was good cell reception and we wanted to call Maddie and Max. So we packed up and took off down the trail.

Around 2:00 the sun and blue skies finally broke through. The temps never really got above 53 today though. This weather is so much cooler than when we were last out here. We got to see a deer for only the second time this whole adventure and are seeing just some huge jack rabbits. I swear they look like a medium size dogs with super large ears. Other than that we didn’t have much else on the reptile or animal front today.

We got to the tent site at 6:20, not bad for putting in 24.7 miles. The site was great with a lot of flat spots for tents and rocks to sit on. We even have a view of Olancha Peak and Mt Whitney way off in the distance. The biggest bummer was that we had zero cell reception!! Not sure who posted about having god cell service here but that was our main reason for putting in the big miles today. We had to settle for sending a few texts through the DeLorme to say hi to the kids.

Tomorrow is another long section of waterless trail but cool temps should once again help us out. Thanks for following, Link.

P.S. Our next post maybe delayed due to sketchy cell service.