Mile 94.4-112.5

Elevation gain: 1.835 ft

Elevation loss: 2,738 ft

This day was filled w spectacular sites, amazing wildflowers, aggressive livestock and big milestones: we hit 100 miles and got to see Eagle Rock in person! It’s going to be really hard only picking a few pix from today, but I’ll try to pick the best ones…u know how the camera never does a view justice, but I’m hoping you’ll b able to get the jist. Let’s start by giving Mother Nature a HUGE high 5 for hardly any wind last night…yahoo! Sleep sure makes walking 17-19 miles easier! We left camp a little before 8am again (this seems to be the norm) with below freezing temps again, but without the wind it doesn’t feel nearly as bone chilling. We hiked 5.6 miles, weaving in and out along the edge of mountain after mountain when we hit ONE HUNDRED MILES…WOOP WOOP!!

The next water source looked very questionable to me, but it’s what we had available so it had to happen. This random spring was coming out of the mountain somehow through a pipe into a huge trough that had definitely been there a while. Don’t worry, we absolutely filtered it after collecting it…beggars can’t be choosers, I guess 😂

The next thing we knew, we were leaving the shrubs and mountains behind and dropped into a hugely expansive meadow. One rolling meadow after another with absolutely spectacular wildflowers of all colors that looked to have just bloomed within the last day or 2. Add the whispy clouds and blue skies and we couldn’t stop saying, “WOWWWW”.

We hit the next big milestone 13 miles in…Eagle Rock. We have seen pictures of this for years, reading PCT blogs, and it definitely didn’t disappoint up close and personal! It truly looks like an Eagle, this up-cropping of boulders, just sitting in the middle of this meadow…amazing!

There were A LOT of day hikers…weird to see so many people when we have prob only seen about 10 total on the trails since we started. Many people had questions for us, “you’re going WHERE?”, “how many miles is that??”, “hey, hon, these guys are doing the whole PCT!”…it was kinda fun to see/hear their reactions. After walking through one beautiful meadow after another, we then entered more of a forest terrain when we encountered a woman and her 2 dogs just standing in the middle of the trail. As we got closer she said she had been waiting 15 mins for someone to come by so that she could walk past this huge group of cows ahead. The cows were definitely eyeing the dogs strangely, and as we all tried to pass, a few of them started walking and then running toward the dogs until Brian raised his pole and yelled. Who knows what the cows’ plan was, but we didn’t really want to find out so we quickly passed.

We only had a few more miles to get to a campsite that sounded good, and arrived at about 4:45. We r next to a river which will make for some lovely white noise to sleep with tonite! Thanks for reading guys…Amy