The Palace Hotel was quiet and lovely! After 9 hours of sleep, we awoke without an alarm at 6:30am…felt so amazing to sleep in! We just relaxed in bed for a bit until we were treated to a luxurious breakfast delivered to the room at 7:30…free daily to all the guests who would like it. We took them up on that offer for sure!! And then we realized we had an entire day to explore one of the tiniest towns in America…what to do? There’s this huge “S” on the top of the mountain that we can see from our hotel so we thought we’d check out the view from the top of that.

Just a little over 2 miles to the top w this cute little white shack at the top (u might b able to see in the pic if u look closely)…I can just imagine all the fun shenanigans that go on in there on a wild night in Salida!

We walked up the fire road, but they had a ton of mountain biking trails all through the hills w varying degrees of difficulty which looked really cool. Tons of bikers and trail runners using them this morning.

Then we walked to the post office to get a pre-paid box so we could bounce our town clothes to the hotel we will b staying in next Fri. We will send that off tomorrow at 8:30 when they open before we hit the trail. We walked around town a little more and ended up getting the best sandwiches from Sweetie’s sandwich shop, as well as a salted caramel macaroon…WOW, TASTY!! We took it all down to the river and ate it while sitting in a darn cute swing.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of walking along the river, lounging in the room, more walking around the town, checking out some seriously interesting shops, and then getting caught in a crazy rain storm out of no where. Then it was time for dinner and we picked Italian this time. Great spot to sit outside with yummy food, fabulous company and finally some blue skies!

Now we r off into the Collegiate wilderness tomorrow so won’t post again until we get back the 10th or 11th…we r sooo excited! (This post written by Amy, the last one was Bri)